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  • Date : Sun Dec 15, 2019
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Export Development Bank continues to provide its services under sanctions
Twenty-seven years have passed since the establishment of the Export Development Bank of Iran. On the National Export Day, I would like to sincerely thank all the exporters who have worked with the Export Development Bank during these years and contributed to the growth of the country's exports.

Today, the exporters of the country are undoubtedly the front line soldiers of economic war; in the face of declining oil sales, non-oil exporters are able to supply the currency needed to import the required products if the country's oil exports fall to zero.

I believe that exporters work in these sacred conditions and we, as partners in the country's export community, have done our utmost to provide exporters with better services.

Our strategic priorities at Export Development Bank are to provide preferential and favorable rates from the National Development Fund's resources and the Bank's resources and to provide exporters with a continuation of the aforementioned resources with lower average profits.

Providing working capital for export-oriented manufacturing firms is another priority. The specific circumstances of the country require us to focus more on this area.

Knowledge-based companies and small and medium-sized export companies also play a key role in the Bank's planning. The Bank's agenda is also to provide the facilities and services they need, as well as the advice needed to facilitate the commercialization process of innovative companies.

We provide the clients with the necessary facilities to conduct foreign exchange affairs from the Nima System, such as the supply of payment orders from exports, transfers of export funds, and the provision of currency to exporters who have registered orders and intend to import raw materials. Fortunately, the currency required for the orders registered last year and this year was provided by the Nima System.

Based on our recent agreements with the Central Bank, we can deposit the currency obtained from export into the exporter's account on the same day at the Export Development Bank's Currency Exchange Company.

In total, the Export Development Bank has been providing services to various groups such as large, small and medium-sized exporters, and exports of technical and engineering services in the formats defined in the Bank.

It is natural that the Export Development Bank is the home of all exporters in the country, and we welcome the opinions, suggestions and criticisms of our customers and engage closely with private sector exporters in chambers of commerce across the country. Undoubtedly, the views of business activists and managers who are familiar with the export challenges will be effective in improving the Bank's performance. In its future plans, the Bank has included joint meetings with private export entities, including associations and chambers of commerce.

The key to the Bank's success is the empathy, teamwork and responsibility of all of our dear colleagues. Fortunately, with the commitment that our partners have in providing services, the bank is well-known among exporters in the country's banking system.

The Export Development Bank of Iran has always been focused on the principle of protecting exporters and our duty as a specialized development bank is to apply the best practices to help the country export to its highest quality levels. To this end, various committees are set up in the bank. Our partners in these committees, in particular the Proposal Committee, offer their views in order to improve the performance and quality of the Bank's services and to find practical solutions to the problems of exporters.

Respecting our clients and facilitating the process of service provision based on the principles, terms and conditions are at the top of the guidelines of the Export Development Bank of Iran, and we are committed to properly fulfilling the important duty of protecting non-oil exports and providing our services and facilities to exporters in the shortest time and in the best possible way.

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