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  • Date : Tue Jun 01, 2021
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Support package approved to promote production and export in Isfahan province
In order to support the production and export in Isfahan province, the support package of Isfahan province customs was sent to the Government-Private Sector Dialogue Council at the beginning of this year, and it was approved after holding expert meetings, Rasoul Kouhestani, Director General of Isfahan Province Customs, said.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Regarding the axes of production support, he said: The support package consists of three parts; granting facilities for the payment of entrance fees including 6 clauses, providing special facilities for production units including 15 clauses, and approved facilities for granting to authorized economic companies consisting of 18 clauses.

The Director General of Isfahan province customs stated: in order to remove obstacles, four axes have been foreseen in the package.

In 1399, over 340 billion Rials bank guarantees have been received for raw materials of production units, production line machinery, and other items, he said, adding: 107 billion bank guarantees have been provided, which are valid for one year since the request of authorized economic operators to clear their goods.

The Director General of Isfahan Province Customs listed the number of special warehouses in Isfahan Province as 34 and stated: During the last year, 10,486 trucks have been cleared, and 1426 items of import declarations and 2929 items of export declarations have been evaluated at the location of production units.

Last year, 923 items of declarations worth 190 million dollars were placed in the green and yellow path, and 94 items of declarations of authorized economic operators were outside the level 3 (red), he said.

Regarding the facilities of Article 57 of the executive regulations of the customs affairs Law, he stated: 4,629 declarations worth $945 million have been evaluated outside the customs premises at the request of the owner of the goods and with the permission of the Isfahan Customs.

Kouhestani considered holding meetings with managers of production units, unions, specialized associations and clients in order to identify problems, make decisions and provide appropriate solutions as very important and emphasized: Last year, 138 meetings in various fields has been held to investigate controversial issues.

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