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  • Date : Tue Jun 01, 2021
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Structural reform of organizations, an important strategy in management development of free zones
The Deputy Head of Management Development of the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of Free Trade-Industrial and Special Economic Zones said that one of the important strategies in the management development of the country's free zones is the structural reform of organizations.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Meysam Rafi Parhizkar said in an interview with Farina News Agency: Structural reform and agility in free zone organizations are important principles that are included in the budget every year.

Creating agility in free zone organizations occurs when the organizational structure, which is one of the important pillars of these organizations, is properly designed to advance the organization in the direction of defined goals and missions, Rafi Parhizkar added.

According to him, unfortunately, there are complications in government organizations in the form of the development of bureaucracies, which are slowly expanding, and are manifested in the form of complex services that must be provided to the people and the client.

In such situations, it can be seen that organizations sometimes fall into the trap of bureaucracy and we need to constantly review the structures to get out of the bureaucracy, he continued.

When issues such as automation and electronic development of services and single window in free zones are raised, organizations are expected to provide services in a suitable, reasonable, fast and quality context to people, clients and investors. Although a lot of money is spent on office automation, this development remains limited to the cost of hardware and software, and in practice has not had the effect of reducing bureaucracies, Parhizkar stated.

He believes that part of this problem is related to the organizational structure of the free zones, so that the managers of these zones think that by adding different units and more forces, they can achieve the desired result.

Processes should be designed to facilitate work, not just to create jobs for the organization's employees, and this is an issue that all organizations, and especially government agencies, fall into the trap of bureaucracy based on this mistake, Parhizkar added.

In order to achieve the main goal and mission assigned to them, free zone organizations must improve and reform the structures and streamline their organizational units by rationalizing the size and development of automation, he noted.

In this regard, good expert meetings have been held by the Secretariat with the participation of the zones and the three-member working group of the Supreme Council of Free Zones, consisting of representatives of the Management and Planning Organization, the Ministry of Labor and an elected member representing the Ministry of Justice, he continued.

He said that the main and intrinsic mission of the zones, in addition to shortening the work processes, should lead to the development of automation and a single window with the aim of reforming the redundant parts of the organization and helping to upgrade the key parts of these complexes.

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